Oroton was founded in 1938 in Sydney, Australia by Boyd Lane. Made up of the words, “oro” meaning gold and “ton” to imply a tonne of gold or fortune. Oroton strives to create innovate and beautiful designs with a focus on relaxed luxury and timeless style.

Originally set up as a textile designer and import of fabrics from Japan, the first cult Oroton product emerged in 1952 with a gold metallic mesh compact or “powder puff” for women. The mesh material had neverbeen used in a modern beauty or fashion product before. To many it was a protective coat of armour but our Oroton designers saw the beauty behind the application and applied this material to the first Oroton product....and many many evening bags over the decades to follow.

Today, Oroton sells a wide range of products for men and women across handbags, satchels and wallets, small leather accessories, jewellery, ties, umbrellas, knitwear, lingerie, men’s underwear and shoes. Oroton is sold in Oroton boutiques across Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand and in selected boutique and department stores worldwide and online at www.oroton.com.